Partners In Building Communities

King & Benton group of companies founded in 1996 by Steve Charest, is a leading South Western Ontario privately owned real estate Development / Redevelopment Company based in Brantford, Ontario. It has acquired over 1000 acres of industrial/commercial land, and over 800,000 square feet of industrial and commercial space in its portfolio.

We Foster Sustainability

King & Benton is dedicated to strategic, sustainable, low impact development and responsible growth and prides itself in incorporating community ideals, ecological stewardship and maintain a community-oriented approach to all of its projects.

We Support Local Communities

King & Benton works with local charities, officials and neighborhood leaders on many local initiatives. In 2008 King & Benton Community Foundation was established. King & Benton Community Foundation has provided free office and warehouse space for many non-profit organizations, generous charitable contributions to various groups, and provided great support for numerous local initiatives.

We Create Partnerships

It is worth mentioning that King & Benton with their partner Guswhenta Holdings made a historical move when it purchased 50 acres of land within the Hadenosaunee traditional territory and along the Haldimand Tract and then repatriated back to the Six Nations of the Grand River community trustees in early 2015.

We Pursue Excellence

We adhere to excellence and foresight in the selection of development areas and project locations. King & Benton’s corporate values are rooted in our awareness that our work potentially impacts the lives of many people and will leave a legacy that will be visible for generations to come. Our challenge, then, is to make decisions that reflect community attitudes and desires, and earn the respect of both current and future generations.

We do not aim at being like others, our vision is to be partners in building communities, creating opportunities, changing the impossible into possible for a better future.Steve Charest

Project Highlights

Over the past 20+ years, King & Benton has completed a wide range of major projects throughout the region and is continuing to bring forward major residential, commercial, industrial and land development projects.

Highlighted below are just some of the major projects that King & Benton has been a part of.


316 West Street, Brantford

This 1.8 acre site is a fantastic future development opportunity for doing higher density residential construction in the heart of Brantford.

King & Benton is in discussions with several interested parties for partnership in building out the site into high quality apartment units either in the mid or high rise space.

The anticipation is that up to 190 units will be brought on stream to the Brantford rental market by 2020.

Commercial / Industrial

South-West Paris Business Park

South-West Paris Business Park is a new large scale development area in the County of Brant. It is located at Rest Acres Road and Highway 403. This 180 acre development is the first high profile industrial park development in the County of Brant. With it’s location in the heart of Southern Ontario and fronting Highway 403.  This is ideal for new logistic facilities as well as prestige industrial uses.

King & Benton played a pivotal role in the facilitating a partnership between Six Nations of the Grand River and the County of Brant together in the new industrial park anchored by the 700,000 sf Adidas facility.

The County of Brant and King & Benton Development Group view this project as a very exciting industrial development which will provide the County with a new area to expand their industrial base. All parties look forward to moving forward into detailed design of the industrial park and continuing cooperation that has been exhibited so far on this project.

Land Development


In addition to the Lincoln & Albert site in Welland, King & Benton made the strategic decision to diversify its position placed in the Niagara Region by including industrial land in its portfolio. This 185 acre site is saddled between the Welland Canals.

King & Benton is currently in discussions with the City of Welland, the Region of Niagara, and the Foreign Trade Zone in efforts to maximize the utilization of the site and help bring sustainable investment and job creation, to the region. Options for the site include developing it into industrial space for users eager to come to the Niagara Region.

The 555 Canal Bank Street site specifically is a unique 33 acre plot on which the 350,000 square foot former John Deere manufacturing plant resides. There is contamination of heavy metals, VOCs and hydrocarbons. This is an exciting opportunity for remediation and redevelopment of the site for future industrial users. King & Benton envisions a 180 acre, 360,000 sqft. new high tech mixed use development project.