King & Benton Group Overview

The main subsidiaries under King & Benton Group are:

King & Benton Holdings

King & Benton Holdings which includes King & Benton Capital, and King & Benton Project Management, is earning a reputation as one of Ontario’s leading real estate developers. The success of the company does not only come from the sheer size of its projects, but the company’s ability to bring together a wide range of partners to deliver unique solutions resulting in development projects of a world class scale.

King & Benton Holdings has acquired more than 1000 acres of land designated for residential, industrial and commercial development. The majority of the land is located in the prime location of south western Ontario, near 400 series highways.

King & Benton Holdings just as the Redevelopment Division attempts to drive development with a minimal impact on the environment.

King & Benton Redevelopment

King & Benton Redevelopment specializes in the redevelopment of Brownfield sites within Brantford and the surrounding areas. Basically, purchase, remediate and redevelop sites that will offer something back to the communities and various neighborhoods.

King & Benton Redevelopment division has a proven track record of revitalizing abandoned and derelict former toxic industrial sites and breathing new life into those brownfields. This approach has been ingrained in the company’s corporate culture and has helped to develop a company that sees what others see as an obstacle as simply another challenge and an opportunity for community building and growth.

With more than 60 Acres of Brownfield Redevelopment completed to date The environmental challenges of brownfield remediation that usually deter other developers allowed King & Benton Redevelopment to acquire an immense amount of expertise in remediation skills and in turn helped grow the company into a leading private redeveloper of brownfield sites, working alongside provincial and municipal governments, planning and zoning officials, and community groups to ensure a positive outcome for all those impacted by a redevelopment project.

Kanata Financial Group Inc.

Kanata Financial Group was formed in order to fill a current need in the marketplace to provide financial services to First Nation Communities across Canada. Our current services include RESP’s and Payment Solutions with a focus of reinvesting within First Nations communities.

Kanata Brands Inc.

Kanata Brands Inc. is currently entering the regulated products market in Ontario and Western Canada. We will be offering a selection of wine, beer, spirits and tobacco products.

First Nations Construction Services

First Nations Construction Services is an approved First Nations majority owned Construction Company offering Pipeline services including Excavation and Provision of Remediation Technology Services to clients such as Enbridge Pipelines and TransCanada in partnership with First Nations communities across Canada.

Innovative Industries Inc.

Innovative Industries offers a variety of warehousing options in both Brantford and Cambridge. With over 400,000sqft of facility we can provide full service warehousing for all your storage and handling needs.

Guswhenta Holdings

Guswhenta Holdings is a partnership between Two Row Architects and King & Benton group, creating a majority owned First Nations Project Development Enterprise.

Recently, Guswhenta completed the purchase of Residential land approved for 300 new homes. Construction of the site will happen in partnership with Kingwood Homes, a leading Ontario home builder.

Guswhenta Solar

Guswhenta Holdings is proud to have worked in partnership with Linden Power and Panasonic to construct and complete in excess of 350,000 SF of rooftop solar. Projects were built in 2013 with commercial operation 2013 / 2014.