Land Development & Remediation Projects

King & Benton has extensive experience working on land development projects for residential, commercial and industrial developments. Our services include advisory services, planning, project management, preliminary and detailed design, and construction management.
Erie & Birkett, Brantford

65 Canal Bank St.

In addition to the Lincoln & Albert site in Welland, King & Benton made the strategic decision to diversify its position placed in the Niagara Region by including industrial land in its portfolio. This 185 acre site is saddled between the Welland Canals.

King & Benton is currently in discussions with the City of Welland, the Region of Niagara, and the Foreign Trade Zone in efforts to maximize the utilization of the site and help bring sustainable investment and job creation, to the region. Options for the site include developing it into industrial space for users eager to come to the Niagara Region.

The 555 Canal Bank Street site specifically is a unique 33 acre plot on which the 350,000 square foot former John Deere manufacturing plant resides. There is contamination of heavy metals, VOCs and hydrocarbons. This is an exciting opportunity for remediation and redevelopment of the site for future industrial users. King & Benton envisions a 180 acre, 360,000 sqft. new high tech mixed use development project.

Grand Banks Phase 2

Phase 2 of Grand Banks is the addition of another 130 units to our luxury residential complex along the Grand River. This phase included the development of tourism and recreational facilities along the river to highlight Brantford and The Grand River as the big community attractions they are. Grand Banks Phase 2 development starts late 2021 and anticipated completion in 2022.

King & Benton Southwest Paris Business Park
King & Benton Southwest Paris Business Park

180 Groh

This is an 11 acre site in a vibrant area of Cambridge formerly Rauscher Plating Limited manufacturing plant that is just commencing its transition into mixed use living space. The site is a stone’s throw from the 401 off of Hespeler (Highway 24), commercial and lifestyle areas, and adjacent to a public high school.

The site is impacted by heavy metals, TCE and VOCs. With remediation the site is conducive to a combination of low and high density residential dwellings and King & Benton is currently in discussions with several interested parties in building out the site and currently is planning a 700 unit residential and commercial project and a development of a new community space for the City of Cambridge.

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