Commercial & Industrial Projects

Whether a redevelopment or a completely new commercial or industrial build, King and Benton has a proven track record of delivering successful projects to the community.
Erie & Birkett, Brantford

YMCA-YWCA of Brantford

In 2004 after years of operating in a century old building, the Brantford YM-YWCA decided to sell the property in order to build a brand new facility.  The new facility was only in the planning stages and the YM-YWCA was not having any luck finding a site to build on. With time running out, the Brantford YM-YWCA was facing the possibility of completely shutting down until a new facility was build. This long shut down would have been detrimental to the group which has been in operation in Brantford for over 150 years.

A King & Benton Solution

King & Benton Redevelopment partnered with the YMCA to come up with a solution for a facility.  The outcome would be a unique partnership between a private developer and a charitable organization.  King & Benton had in its possession one of nine remaining properties of Brantford’s original list of top 15 brownfields in Brantford. Formerly Work Wear Industries, abandoned for over a decade, this brownfield was heavily TCE impacted due to it’s former use as a dry cleaning facility.  At approximately 22,000 square feet it was the ideal size and at a perfect location for the YM-YWCA facility. However the redevelopment process to bring it up to standards would be a huge undertaking.

Lighting Speed Revelopment

The building required to be completely gutted down to the bare walls. The site required remediation and the removal of contaminated soil. The roof needed replacement.  The interior required redesign and rebuilding to suit the YM-YWCA needs. Withing four months, and without an public funding, King & Benton Redevelopment group redeveloped one of the worst brownfields in Brantford, and handed over a state-of-the-art facility to the YM-YWCA.  The redeveloped facility provided a work out center, a gym, a kid’s play-land and babysitting facility, locker and change-room facilities, 81 parking spaces with drop-off and pickup areas, administrative offices, and a customer service area.

Giving Back to the Community

During the construction of this project, and consistent with King & Benton’s ongoing commitment to the Brantford community, King & Benton, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Brantford and the Brantford YM-YWCA hosted an event for local children to have first hand experience with the many opportunities in the construction and skills trades.

Once the privately funded brownfield clean up was completed, King & Benton Redevelopment group donated the building to the Brantford YM-YWCA, resulting in a truly one of a kind charitable venture.


South-West Paris Business Park

South-West Paris Business Park is a new large scale development area in the County of Brant. It is located at Rest Acres Road and Highway 403. This 180 acre development is the first high profile industrial park development in the County of Brant. With it’s location in the heart of Southern Ontario and fronting Highway 403.  This is ideal for new logistic facilities as well as prestige industrial uses.

King & Benton played a pivotal role in the facilitating a partnership between Six Nations of the Grand River and the County of Brant together in the new industrial park anchored by the 700,000 sf Adidas facility.

The County of Brant and King & Benton Development Group view this project as a very exciting industrial development which will provide the County with a new area to expand their industrial base. All parties look forward to moving forward into detailed design of the industrial park and continuing cooperation that has been exhibited so far on this project.

Parkside Drive, Brantford

695 Bishop Street – Cambridge

Early in 2012 King & Benton began negotiations with the Ontario Ministry of Environment, City of Cambridge and the trustee charged with managing the former Northstar Aerospace plant. The former Northstar plant an MOECC RFP Director’s Project, represents the largest TCE (Trichloroethylene) contamination in North America.

We are pleased that King & Benton was chosen as the preferred redeveloper for this project by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and the City of Cambridge.

The redevelopment included demolition, clean up and repurpose of 100,000 square feet of industrial space for new nuclear certified component assembly and storage (BWXT/Bruce Nuclear) which generated in excess of 75 new jobs and a renewed tax assessment for the City of Cambridge.

King & Benton worked closely with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and City of Cambridge to effectively remediate and redevelop this facility.

CN Rail Spur Line, Brantford, Ontario

In late 2015, approximately six (6) kilometers of the CN Rail Line (formerly Burford Short Line) running from Clarence Street in the east to Parkside Drive in the west was purchased from CN Rail. The lands are comprised on 14 parcels totaling 18.84 acres. The lands impacted by hydrocarbons, VOCs and heavy metals are undergoing remediation to turn this 12 km tract of land for development of new commercial, residential and park lands.

These lands will evolve into a number of different uses and represent an opportunity to work closely with the City of Brantford to re-purpose these land for the benefit of the neighbourhoods that they transect and the community in general.

L1 will be transformed into 13 single family lots with higher end homes built by Schuit Homes.

L4 will be rolled in to The Lofts condo development at 85 Morrell Street representing 108 loft style condo units, which will complete the overall transformation of the former Harding Carpet lands and buildings.

T6 will form part of a land assembly including the old train station on Market Street, to create a new state-of-the-art student housing facility for the fast growing population of students coming to Brantford for their post-secondary school education.

In total these project represent 270 new housing units in and around the downtown core.

Parkside Drive, Brantford
Parkside Drive, Brantford

44 Elgin Street, Brantford, Ontario

This former manufacturing plant in Brantford formerly occupied by United Technologies Corporation and Sigler Communication was the 2nd largest TCE impacted site in Canada and a compliance order was issued to former owner by MOECC.

King & Benton worked on the remediation and improvements to the site bringing a 400,000 sqft. industrial and processing, warehouse and logistics space back to life.

81 Elgin Street, Brantford, Ontario

In 2009 King & Benton purchased this property / land which was previously owned by Cascade Canada Inc. The facility was used for re-pulping and reproduction of recycled paper into various products including egg cartons and take away trays.

Several environmental studies were performed on the soil, underground water and the material inside the building indicating contamination of heavy metals and hydrocarbons. Early 2012, King & Benton leased the building to Greenmantra Recycling Technologies and their assignor Ceranovus Chemicals Inc. to be used as a manufacture of wax from waste plastics. Upon completion of the transaction, King & Benton began the redevelopment of the site which included remediation in excess of 30 ton of asbestos, removal of a 40,000 square foot second floor concrete mezzanine and removal in excess of 1,500 tons of plant production infrastructure; resulting in a completely renovated space hosting Greenmantra Recycling Technologies. Project was completed in August 2015.

Greenmantra’s commitment to King & Benton and Brantford includes in excess of 40 new jobs and $20 million investment in new equipment and technology.

Erie & Birkett, Brantford