King & Benton Group Overview

King & Benton Holdings

King & Benton Holdings, which includes King & Benton Capital and King & Benton Project Management, is earning a reputation as one of Ontario’s leading real estate developers. Its success isn’t merely founded on the sizeable number of its projects but its talent for bringing together a wide range of partners to deliver unique solutions. The results are developments sites of exceptional quality.

King & Benton Holdings has acquired more than 1,000 acres of land designated for residential, industrial and commercial development, the majority of which is located in the prime area of Southwestern Ontario, near the 400-series highways.

King & Benton Holdings, like King & Benton redevelopment, aims to drive development with minimal impact on the environment.

King & Benton Redevelopment

King & Benton Redevelopment has a proven track record of revitalizing abandoned and derelict toxic industrial sites, breathing new life into Brownfields. This restorative approach is deeply ingrained in the company’s corporate culture. Where other development companies see obstacles, KBR sees challenges and opportunities for community-building and growth.

With more than 60 acres of Brownfield redevelopment completed to date, King & Benton redevelopment has acquired a considerable amount of expertise in remediation skills. In so doing, KBR grew the company into a leading private redeveloper of Brownfield sites, working alongside provincial and municipal governments, planning and zoning officials, and community groups to ensure positive outcomes for all those impacted by redevelopments.